The Debut Album of Vrum

by Vrum

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I did some of the craziest experiments on this album, which rendered parts of it almost unlistenable, though I know there are people out there who actually crave for this kind of stuff... this one's dedicated to them.

"The lo-fi, slowcore and sadness of the debut album might come as surprise to the fans of the ;__;-era Vrum. Heavy use of violins is present throughout the album that stylistically ranges "from almost ambient-like shoegaze to total mess", like Sami, the guy behind Vrum has described it."


released March 23, 2011




Vrum Jyväskylä, Finland

Vrum was a band from Jyväskylä, Finland. It has mainly been a solo project of Sami J, only one gig having been performed with a larger group. Vrum’s musical style has been very indie oriented, although the 2014 album Serum can be easily classified as instrumental krautrock. ... more

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Track Name: What are we celebrating for?
in this open field
we won't rest our wings often
i close my eyes
and now i'm one with the nothingness
that surrounds us all

awkward smiles sucked empty of hope
eyes blinded by fire
i greet you still with great longing
from this field not yet ruined

so don't waste your energy in hating me
if you won't even waste it in caring

i couldn't hear what you said
the words that became the last ones for me
what are we celebrating for?
<strong>we raised the glass for our ending
and setting this world on fire

if you choose to believe
you're being taken care of
i can only wish to get to keep you safe
if you'll grow tired of all the cold desires
come to me to this open field
and someday we can start searching
Track Name: Repeating
look, he's doing it again
not listening at all
and how cruel is that way
he isolates and disappears from us
please tell me there's a reason
for this endless longing to feel
and being ready to kill to be someone else

it's not you that i lost after all

still he tries to dive into the pictures
even he has all doors wide open
still he keeps repeating himself
with his stories from inside the box
rearranging the same chords all over again
i need your help to find myself again

it's not you that i lost after all
Track Name: I will wait
will i need to smash all these thoughts i've had
about listening to pretentious art rock with you

i'm not going to choose any of these paths

if you could at least keep all doors open
to make time stop from running out

i have to be forced to walk any of these stupid paths

i'll be sleeping on a park bench near your home
Track Name: My journey to the stars.
my journey to the stars
i can almost feel it
every beautiful dim night
the one that i will sacrifice
everything for
everything for
not knowing when i will lose it completely
not knowing when i will lose it
would it be disastrous
if no one would ever wake me up from this
out of dreams
Track Name: Ready
i can make it to the morning
i can sleep without a problem
i won't be disturbing anyone tonight

i'm ready to dive again
although i'm almost sure i will drown
if there would be water nearby
Track Name: Planets
can you help me man
can you help me
the planets are all in bad positions
and i keep losing money
and i keep losing money
Track Name: It's always 4:00am to me.
it's always 4:00 am to me i'm tired i'm overall tired i'm glad you can find yourself so interested i only wish i could go back to sleep again i tend to fall asleep sometimes and when i do nothing can wake me up what am i supposed to do it's the same if i didn't exist at all
Track Name: Dropout! (There is nothing to land on.)
a dropout! i cannot get a thing done
guess i should not zzzzz now

again, i have lost track completely
the rain never ends, sadbirds* sing
nothing makes sense in this state

falling asleep
after a long nice conversation with you
ridiculously hopeful
waking up
after a long journey with you
and falling endlessly

there is nothing to land on
there is no sense in this hopefulness
but i can still find hope
in this senselessness

* "sadbird" is a compound in this case